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Международный Салон одежды, головных уборов и аксессуаров


September 18-21, 2018

Moscow, VDNH

Salon Director


Ms. Julia Tsygankova

Tel.: +7 (495) 748-71-47

E-mail: tj@textilexpo.ru


It is not only a prestigious event that creates the best conditions to present the latest collections of the participants, but also an efficient business tool.


The participants are manufacturers and distributors of the whole assortment of ready-made clothing, designers, fashion houses, consulting companies, educational institutions.


Trade marks and brand promotion using exhibition and PR technologies.



The Salon is one of the most important and perspective aspects of the Fair and makes substantial contribution in the development of this market segment.




Men's and women's wear

Desing collections

Celebration & wedding fashion

Teenager & youth wear


Sports & casual wear

Leather & fur

Head wear


Ties, kerchiefs, scarves

Stylish accessories

App layout

Participants according to production groups:

Состав участников по группам продукции:

Men's and women's clothing - 57%

Ties, scarves, scarves - 9%

Headgear - 8%

Leather and fur products - 7%

Clothes for sports and recreation - 5%

Designer collections of clothes - 3%

Clothing for youth and adolescents - 3%

Textile Haberdashery - 3%

Stylish accessories - 3%

Clothing for celebrations and wedding fashion - 1%

Denim clothing - 1%

Visitors according to consuming groups:

Состав посетителей по сфере деятельности

Wholesale companies - 39%

Representatives of retail trade - 16%

Manufacturers - 31%

Distributors - 11%

Media - 2%

Others - 1%


Производители технического текстиля и нетканых материалов


App layout

Запрос на участие

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АО "Текстильэкспо"


Address 115162, Moscow, Mytnaya street, 46, bld. 5

Tel.: +7 (495) 748-71-35, +7 (495) 748-69-45

E-mail: fair@textilexpo.ru 

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