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    September 17-20, 2019

    Moscow, VDNH

    Salon Director


    Irina Ryzhova

    Tel.: +7 (495) 748-6945

    E-mail: rie@textilexpo.ru


    Russia's largest home textile exhibition, regarding composition and number of participants.


    The most efficient home textile trade exhibition.


    Promotion of designer innovations and high-quality home textile products.

    Russia's largest specialized exhibition that reflects the rapid growth of the home textile market. The leading Russian and foreign companies in this segment demonstrate the advanced trends of environmental design, innovations in manufacturing high-quality fabrics for decoration of interior, as well as home textile items and textile accessories.


    Decorative fabrics, home textile items

    Decoration for windows, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens

    Interior design

    Furniture fabrics

    Carpets and floor covering

    Manufacturing upon request of HoReCa

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    Participants according to production groups:

    Состав участников по группам продукции:

    Fabrics for bed linen and products for bedrooms - 28.1%

    Bathroom products - 21%

    Curtain and tulle fabrics - 16%

    Textiles for the kitchen - 11,2%

    Curtains, curtains, accessories - 10.1%

    Table decoration - 7.4%

    Furniture fabrics, leather - 4,3%

    Carpets and floor coverings - 1%

    Visitors according to consuming groups:

    Состав посетителей по сфере деятельности

    Wholesale companies - 65.26%

    Representatives of the retail trade - 12.35%

    Distributors - 9.93%

    Service enterprises - 3.82%

    Producers - 3.6%

    Design studios - 1.5%

    Media - 1.43%

    Government institutions - 1.11%

    Others - 1%


    Производители домашнего текстиля


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    Tel.: +7 (495) 748-71-35, +7 (495) 748-69-45

    E-mail: fair@textilexpo.ru 

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