To participate in the fair “TEXTILLEGPROM”, please fill out the application form below.


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Step 1

Send the application for participation in the Fair:

After downloading the application for participation in the Fair from the website, you must fill in all fields, apply a stamp, a signature of the head of your organization and send to Fair Organizer by e-mail:

Step 2

Finalize the ordered location and area:

• The layout of the booth is sent by e-mail to the Exhibitor for approval.

• The layout of the booth must be stamped, signed by the head of your organization and sent to Fair Organizer by e-mail:

Step 3

Fill in the Agreement for participation in the Fair:

The Exhibitor sends the completed and signed agreement to the Organizer’s address, including the Appendixes (if the Booth Mounting Scheme in Appendix 1 does not fit on agreement sheets, then this Scheme must be sent on a separate sheet).

Step 4

Pay for the ordered area:

• The Exhibitor pays an advance of 50% of the cost of participation within 5 (five) banking days after the moment of invoice issuing.

Step 5

Finalize or clarify booth construction: (addition to Step 3)

• If you prefer booth construction according to the standard scheme, it is enough to tick the box “Standard booth” in Appendix 1 to the Agreement.

• If the booth is different from the standard one, then you should send the scheme to the Organizer. In case of not providing the scheme, the Organizer builds up the booth according to the standard scheme.

• For self-building of the booth, it is necessary to undergo an examination of the technical documentation from the general developer of the VDNH (PO Montazhnik – and to get approval of the VDNH Fire Service: +7 (499) 181-03-96. The Appendix 3 to the Agreement and booth’ sketch must be sent to the Organizer.

Step 6

Payment for additional equipment: (if it is needed)

• 100% of the cost of additional equipment must be paid within 5 (five) banking days after invoicing.

Step 7

Order advertising for more effective participation. Main products for advertising at the Fair:

• Fair Catalogue: paper-based, electronic.

• Fair Guide is a mini-catalogue that every Fair visitor and participant receives for free.

• Badge (pass) of participants and visitors of the Fair, VIP-package of the Fair participants.

• Permission to distribute promotional products in the Fair.

Full list of advertising services

Step 8

The booth number can be found a month before the Fair, or on the website in the section "LIST OF PARTICIPANTS OF THE EXHIBITION"

Step 9

Pass (badge) for Exhibitors:

Passes (badges) is given on the basis of 1 badge for 2 sq. m. of booth area, but not more than 30 badges. You can get passes in the Fair pavilion on the day of arrival from 9.00 to 18.00 in the Exhibitor Registration zone.

Step 10

Entry Letter:

Entry into the VDNH territory is permitted according to the letter of the Fair Exhibitor with your stamp required. You can read the check-in / check-out rules in this letter. This letter can be received two weeks before the start of the Fair from the Organizer.