Self-arrangement of stands

Information for companies engaged in self-construction 

Participant (developer of the Participant) shall comply with the requirements of self-arrangement provided at the exhibition "JSC VDNH".

Participant (developer of the Participant) must undergo examination of technical documentation of building stand and pay the cost of this service General developer "JSC VDNH".

In carrying out the booth arrangement for electrical and fire safety services of the builder, "JSC VDNH" is held each measurement of insulation resistance of electric lines on the stand and connect the electricity networks of the pavilion to the technical, cost of these services General Member shall pay the builder, "JSC VDNH".

In the event of failure to perform this examination in a timely manner, the Participant (developer of the Applicant) for the construction activities of the stand in the halls, "JSC VDNH" is not allowed.

General Builder "JSC VDNH" is ""MONTAZHNIK" Company Ltd": Tel. (499) 258-87-48, (915) 359-99-53, Andrey Scherbatov, .

Fire, "JSC VDNH" Alexey Bulgakov (499) 760-27-24, 760-24-52, Anatoly Tochilin (929) 55-83-515.

In addition, for the admission of third-party company, builder of the Participant to the production of construction bidder must submit to the JSC "Textilexpo":


Up to 28/07/17 letter with company-builder;

Up to 28/07/17 the layout / plan of the stand alone obustraemogo showing heights. The organizer reserves the right to limit the height of the stand to 2.5 m

During the construction of a two-story booth Participant shall agree on its location and height. The cost of the 2nd floor will be charged at 50% of the 1st floor. 


Dates for assembly and dismantling

Installation: in pavilions 75, 69 from 26 August (after 9.00 hr.) On August 27, 2017

Dismantling: September 1 (after 16.00 hour.) And September 2, 2017

Working hours: of pavilions 9-19.

Member required to carry out the dismantling of the stand and leave the hall no later than 19.00 hours. 02/09/17